Saturday, November 1, 2014

Double the Joy from Xhuliano

The other day, I received two letters from Xhuliano. His letters are never dated, so I'm always curious how far apart he writes letters. I almost always receive two letters on the same day. Either he writes them close together or World Vision collects them until they have enough letters to mail out in bulk. Maybe I'll ask Xhuliano to start dating his letters. Anyway, here are they.

Xhuliano is 13 years old and lives in Albania.


My Dear Friend, 

I was very happy for receiving a letter from you again. I do too pray to God for my family, just like you. I hope you are doing well too. I and my sisters love you very much. I am very happy that you work everyday. You are a wonderful girl and very good at what you do for those two little children. They must be very happy with you. My friend, I love you very much. I would love to have such wonderful children that one is starting to speak. (I told him the youngest girl I nanny for is learning how to talk). It's the most special thing when they call you mommy and daddy. My dear friend, you are such a special friend. 

I have a great time in school. I started school on September 15th. I couldn't wait for the day to come. I met my teacher and classmates. I want to learn more from you, my friend. I feel like a very lucky boy for having the opportunity to have you as a friend and I hope to have you meet my family and me sometime. Marsela is in kindergarten now and she is very happy. She has a lot of fun there. Stelina and I take her to kindergarten and I take her back home for lunch. 

I send you a big hug with lots of love and wish you the best of luck in your life. 



Onto letter #2!


My Dear Friend,

I was so happy for receiving your letter. I wasn't the only one who got happy. My two sisters did too. Marsela took off her arm plaster that day, because she had broken it. It was a big surprise for us, my wonderful friend. 

My dear friend, I feel so blessed for having such a good friend as you, that I always tell how I feel and I always will. I have had a very difficult time without electricity. I've told you about my problem. My uncle helped us by using the money you collected for us and solved the problem. I thank you and your friends for collecting the money that we needed. That week, I had a wonderful surprise. Me and my family thank you and your friends for having such big hearts. God bless you and everyone. I used some of your money and the money my uncle gave to get electricity. The rest was so buy groceries that my family needed so much. 

I still have my pets and I look after them every day. I have some ponies now and I love them very much. The postcards you sent me were very beautiful. I thank you so much for them. I send you lots of hugs and kisses. God bless you. 




  1. Xhuliano always amazes me with his care for you in his letters. What a sweet young man.

    1. He really is the most sensitive teenager I've ever come across. He's such a sweetheart. I hope he continues like this into adulthood. This world needs all the caring men it can get.