Thursday, November 27, 2014

Life Updates and a New Photo

It's been quite a week for me.

On Tuesday, I came home from work to find that somebody had broken into my apartment. The door was completely kicked/shouldered in and basically destroyed. The lock is very strong, but unfortunately, the screws holding the lock to the door frame were very short, so all it took was a couple of hits and the lock popped completely out of the frame.

I didn't go into my apartment and called the police. Two guys showed up and went into the apartment, guns out, to make sure there wasn't anybody still in there. Thankfully, it was clear. Then I was allowed to go in to assess the damage. Sadly, the thief had stolen my laptop and $10 in laundry quarters (seriously). I don't have the financial means to buy the latest technologies (nice TV, ipods, ipads, gaming systems, etc) so, there was nothing else for the thief to steal. My mom and I joked that when the thief got into my apartment, they looked around and wished they had chosen another apartment to break into, haha.

Anyway, the police took my statements, took a few photos, and took the jar my laundry  quarters were in to the station to look for fingerprints, but really, it's a long shot that they'll catch who did this.

I called my landlord, who called the maintenance man, who fixed the lock on my door, with longer screws. The door is still damaged, but a new, stronger, door was ordered. It should be in and repaired, for real, next week. Here is what I've got for now:

Just in case the door isn't as secure as it should be, I've taken extensive measures to keep it closed. I'm just going to use my back door for entry until the front door is fixed. 

My grandma was super nice and she bought me a new laptop. I will be paying her back, of course, but I really do need a laptop constantly. I don't have cable or a smartphone with internet access. My laptop truly is it and access to the internet really is a requirement these days, for work, pleasure, etc. 

I thought I would be more nervous to be in my apartment, but I really don't feel scared at all. I've lived in this apartment for 3 years and while it's not in the best of neighborhoods, I've never once felt unsafe. My guess is that somebody was walking down the alley behind my apartment, saw that there were no cars in my building's parking lot, and took advantage of that fact. The police believe that only my apartment was chosen because it is under the staircase and can't be seen from the parking lot, through our glass door entrance. Luck of the draw,.. But, I slept in my apartment that night and didn't feel the least bit worried. I figured the thief wasn't coming back for anything and the odds of being robbed again are pretty slim. 

I am most thankful that I wasn't home when this happened. My presence may have scared off a thief, or it may not have. Much worse things could have happened. Sometimes, people are just jerks.   

Anyway, when I got reconnected to the internet, one of the first sites I checked was Compassion (of course). I noticed that my beautiful Sadiya had her photo update! Yay!


  1. So sorry this happened to you....even though they didn't get much, being violated in this way just stinks. I'm so glad you are safe.

    And what a beautiful photo update!!

  2. Sandia is just beautiful!!! I'm so sorry about the break-in... But it's funny that the thief had to put so much work in for so little reward. Maybe it'll make him think twice. I'm also glad you're not worried about staying there and for your grandma's help!