Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Day After Thanksgiving To Me!

Today I opened my mailbox to find two letters! Yay!

First up, a letter from Eric. Eric writes his letters in English, but sometimes his sentence structure and paragraph order can be a little confusing and jumpy. But, it's such a huge improvement for just a few years ago, that I am so proud of him! I'm going to type the letter exactly as he has it.

This letter was written on October 7th, 2014. Eric is 19 years old and lives in Uganda.


Dear Kayla ,

Hello Kayla. I am happy to see you in photos. Next year, I will be able to see you. My friend is Rabani. How are you doing these days? It is good to have you as my friend. In Uganda the police people keep law and order. I am happy to write this letter myself. My brother Moses and mother are doing well. I am happy to receive your letters. Thank you for praying for me. I am now 19 years old. I am doing in my class well. How is Christ Jesus to my friends. I am praying to God in my church. How is your church to you? In my school I like music class and dancing. Read in my bible Isaiah 20:2-20. Thank you for writing these letters to me. At school we are going for a trip to Kampala next month. That is November. Pray for us. Kampala is our capital city. I am happy to see pictures of your uncle Mike, Aunt Jennifer, and your two cousins Reagan and Sophia. I am praying for your sister to complete her course and get a job. 



I also received a letter from Daniel, in Colombia. Daniel is such an intelligent boy and you can really tell this from reading his letters. He's a very articulate little guy. I also got some great surprises with this letter. I'll post those after the letter.

Daniel is 9 years old. This letter was written October 10th, 2014.


Dear Kayla, 

Hello my dear sponsor, Kayla. I, Daniel, say hi to you affectionately and I feel very happy to be able to write to you, once again. I am doing very well, thanks to God. I have seen the photos of the children's camp that you sent me and what you do over there seems so much fun. It is awesome to see the way the swim in that place. I would like to go to a camp because I have never ever been to a place where they organize camps for children. Regarding the story you told me about loose teeth, it's a funny story, but I do not know any story about it. I want to tell you that the project organized a field trip a while ago. They took us all to a pool and we had so much fun there. What I like to do the most at the project is painting, drawing, and going out to play soccer with my friends. I want to tell you that in my opinion, friendship is sharing, being respectful, and above all, being very good friends. My family sends a lot of kisses and regards to you, as well as a beautiful family pictures. I want to dedicate the following bible verse to you: 2 Kings 6:16. 

Your Friend, 

Here is the family photo that Daniel sent me. Daniel is in the front, in the white shirt. 

Daniel also sent me this, telling me that he has accepted Jesus as his savior. Hooray! 



  1. LOVE it!! That's what it's all about - pointing kids to Jesus! :)

  2. What wonderful news about Daniel accepting Christ!! And that's such a great photo of his family. I also love that you see progression in Eric's letters... Isn't it so encouraging to look back over time and see how the kids have grown and matured?