Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Long-Awaited Letter from Melaku!

When I was assigned Melaku as a correspondent child last December, I knew that his graduation date was set for just a year later. I knew that I would not get to much time to write to him and get to know him and that was okay. I last received a letter from him in May and then no more came. As the end of this year came to an end, I had convinced myself that I was probably not going to hear from again before he graduated. I vowed to continue to write to him and then to write him a wonderful final letter before January.

Imagine my surprise when a letter from him arrived today! In this letter, he was answering some of the questions I asked him about his community and Compassion, from his perspective. It's always great to hear information where where a Compassion child lives.


Hello Kayla,

How are you doing? My family and I are doing very well. I hope you and your family are doing great. I read the letters you wrote me. Thank you. You asked me some questions, like What is the job of most of the people? Here, most of the people earn a living by daily labor, like carpentry, construction work, cobblestone work, etc. Few people are engaged in civil service. For your second questions: Most of the people travel on foot or by horse cart, small number of people ride bicycles and few people, who are wealthy, travel by car. For students, there is a small vehicle called "bajaj" (a small, three wheeled taxi), it is cheaper price. For your 3rd question: Compassion supports needy people to attend school, give clothes, and do lots of things. For your 4th question: Since I joined Compassion the most important thing for me is being able to attend school. I also enjoy having picnics. I received soap, lotion, notebooks, etc. I hope you will have great Christmas. 



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  1. Wow!! How fun that you received another letter from Melaku before he graduated!! And it was a personal letter where he answered your questions!!