Monday, November 4, 2013

First Letter from Taye

I was assigned Taye, as a correspondent child, at the beginning of June. It's been a long wait, but today I received his first letter.

I have to admit it, but I'm a little bummed. This letter doesn't really tell me too much. Usually first letters tell about the child's family, interests, favorites, etc. Perhaps his first letter has been lost in the mail somewhere and this is his 2nd letter. I hope that as time goes on, Taye and I can develop a good relationship.

Well, here's the letter:


Dear Kayla,

Grace and peace to you, dear sponsor. How are you? He and his family are good. He received your support and as the result of your support, he is promoted to the next class. Now, he is ready for the new academic year. Thank you for your support and God bless you. 




  1. Kris R (georgedarling)November 5, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    Wow, that was brief.... It's a shame we won't receive the about me first letters from correspondents anymore. Kinda leaves us scratching our heads. I have put in multiple requests for a "my family" template. I hope it gets picked up.

    I was assigned Jhan Carlos from Peru last June, so maybe I have a letter on its way! I have had quite the letter drought.....

    I thought I would hear from Benny when you heard from Solomon (my dreams) but I didn't so it either got lost or Benny was absent that day.

    Taye looks like he is full of personality, I hope he is allowed to write more next time. That seems like a classic copied off the board letter. I wonder if they were in a rush to get the letters out?

    1. Taye had plenty of space to write, he just chose not too. He had a front and a back of a paper, with probably about 25 lines total, but he chose to just write a couple of letters. I'm guessing he's just not one to share a lot with a complete stranger. I hope, in time, he'll begin to open up.

      And yes, I don't like that we won't get the About Me letters from correspondents anymore. All of that information right off the bat is so helpful in starting the relationship.

  2. I'm so sorry that it was a disappointing letter. I've experienced the same thing with a few of my correspondent kids since Compassion stopped sending the first letters for correspondents. And I know the disappointment! But I have found that some of the kids wrote more later on after time passed.