Friday, November 15, 2013

November Birthdays

I meant to post this at the beginning of the month, but you know how it is. Life is busy. Blah, blah, blah. But, now that the month is half over, I want to share with you the kids in my sponsorship family who have birthdays in November. Two of the birthdays have passed and there are two more birthdays coming up.

First up is Elias. He turned 15 years old on November 3rd. I was assigned Elias as a correspondent child in April and I received my first letter from him in May. I have not heard from him since, so it's definitely been hard getting to know him. But, I write to him faithfully and I hope my letters are bringing some encouragement to his life. Happy Birthday, my friend!

My little buddy from Rwanda! Kwizera, also nicknamed Mr. Serious, by me, turned 9 years old today, on November 15th. Every photo I've gotten from him, Kwizera has had the same serious expression. Even when a man from O.C went to his project and visited him. In the pictures, Kwizera's dad was all smiles, but Kwizera was, well, Mr. Serious. Haha. However, I love this little boy. He writes long, detailed letters and often includes wonderful artwork or extra special things. Happy birthday, my dear. I hope you had a great day!

Next up, this beautiful young lady from Ethiopia, Enatenesh, will turn 17 years old on November 17th. It'll be her golden birthday! I've never heard exactly why this is special and what you're supposed to do to celebrate turning the same age as your birth date, but it's exciting nonetheless. :) I was assigned Enatenesh as a correspondent child in July and have not heard from her yet. Ethiopia seems to have such a slow letter writing process, from my experience anyway. However, I adore this young woman already and I can't wait to get to know her more. Happy birthday, girlie! 

Lastly, little Solomon, from India, will turn 8 years old on November 20th. This little guy has a special place in my heart. It was a slow start to hear from him, due to him changing projects, but now I get cute letters with great artwork. He's such a sweet boy and he has a wonderful tutor who is great at updating me about Solomon. I hope that Solomon has a blessed birthday! 

Whew! That's a lot of birthdays! 


  1. Happy birthday to them all!
    I have 6 birthdays in December! I thought it was 7, but I got Josephs 1st letter this week & he says its November 25th, so I'll believe him over my compassion account.
    On the subject of Ethiopia, I asked for a correspondent from there this week. I've heard many times that it's not great correspondence from there, but for some reason I was feeling a pull to that country. We'll see!

  2. What beautiful kids!! I hope they all have wonderful birthdays!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your November kids! Add my correspondent Jhan Marco in Peru on the 22nd.