Friday, November 1, 2013

Compassion's Urgent Need: Priority Children!

I received an email from the Compassion Advocate Network this week, which isn't unusual. I get emails from them all the time. However, this email was specifically talking about the urgent need for sponsors for a certain group of children.

At the moment, this is a record number of Priority Children waiting for a sponsor. A Priority Child is a child who has been waiting more than 6 months for a sponsor. There are over 1,000 children on the website alone who have been waiting over 180 days (most of them much longer) for a sponsor. There are probably double that at events and in the hands of advocates. Compassion is working very hard to get this high number down to a more stable place. 

A friend of mine mentioned to me how much she loves that Compassion is doing this. Compassion is not begging for sponsors so their business can have more money. Due to the sponsored children's fund, all of the children waiting for a sponsor already have all of their needs paid for and taken care of. However, this children do not have the loving and encouraging presence of a sponsor and that matters. Compassion is working very hard to make sure that each of these children is taken care of, both financially and emotionally. 

Today, I want to share three children with you. Each of these children have been waiting for over a year for a sponsor. That is over 12 months, over 365 days, without the love of a sponsor. Over a year without a letter, a picture, a note of encouragement, somebody overseas to pray for, or somebody overseas that is praying for them. I hope that the wait for these children will end very soon. 

Jessica has been sponsored!

Henrique has been sponsored!

Ramesh has also found his sponsor! 


  1. That's so exciting that two of these kids found sponsors! It is sad that so many kids have been waiting for such a long time. I hope that this number is reduced soon…especially with Christmas coming up.

    1. The number on the website is already under 900 and it has only been 2 days since I posted this and looked at the number. People are sponsoring it up! :)