Saturday, June 27, 2015

Step Into My World: Urban Philippines

Today is the day to share about another region where some of my sponsored kids live. Today, I write about the urban region in the Philippines. I have two boys who live in this region:

Nikko and Jhonrex

Where Compassion works, these urban regions mainly consist of huge, sprawling slums. Homes in this region are built closely together and are typically made out of found materials, mainly wood scraps and tin scraps. These slums typically have electricity, but no running water and no sewage system, making good sanitation nearly impossible.

Children are often left to their own devices during the day, while parents are out working, usually as laborers or market sellers. Even before children are old enough to attend school on their own, they are left to care for themselves during the day. In slum areas, it is common to find violent gangs, alcohol, drugs, and other dangerous activities. Still, small children wander the streets, looking for ways to entertain themselves. 

In the Philippines, school fees are free for primary and secondary schools. However, many parents can't afford the fees associated with school uniforms, books, and other supplies. In these cases, Compassion purchases these things for the students. Sadly, still many teenagers, especially boys drop out of high school to work and earn money for their families. In fact, both of my boys, Nikko and Jhonrex are no longer attending school for that reason. Thankfully, Compassion is tutoring them at the project, so they are still receiving a good education. I don't know where my boys would be without Compassion. 

Compassion in the urban regions of the Philippines are open all day, everyday. Children are only required to come to activity days, but the projects keep their doors open all day, to act as a safe haven for children. It is not unusual to see children spending their time at their project to stay away from the dangerous streets or to escape difficult things at home. Children know they can come to the center for help, homework help, or just to spend time with their friends, in safety. 

From young children to teens, every child is taught age-appropriate lessons on a wide variety of topics including: bible studies, health & hygiene lessons, songs, poems, games, nutrition, education, etc. The list truly goes on and on. There is something for all ages! 

The urban projects in the Philippines request for sponsors to pray for the following: 

- Pray that children and youth stand up to peer pressure to join gangs for use drugs. 

- Pray that God will protect the children from the diseases and dangers that go along with living in a crowded slum. 

- Pray that children will be motivated to stay in school and that parents will allow their children to remain in school, to allow them a better future. 

I have two boys to share with you today, that I am pretty sure live in the urban regions. It's hard to tell, specifically, but I judged based on information provided in their info blurbs. Either way, I'm praying for these boys to be sponsored: 

6 year old Carl loves to play basketball with his friends. 

5 year old Edgardo lives in the Naga City slums, which is a huge slum, with over 250,000 people living in it. Edgardo lives with his mother and 3 siblings. 

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  1. Don't you love how Compassion helps teens continue with education, even if it's non-traditional forms? These newsletters are so encouraging.