Monday, April 7, 2014

Project Letters: IN-860

I have one more project letter to share with you, from the project my boy, Sagar, attends. Project IN-860 is located in the Miraj Red Light district in India, where many women are involved in the sex trade. It's a rough community for anyone to live in, especially for the children. Compassion has really been a light in the darkness in this project. I am so happy to have a letter like this that shares what the children have been up to.


Dear Kayla,

I am Dr. Shweta, working as Project Director for the Morning Star Child Development Center, where Sagar attends. I take this opportunity to extend greetings to you. I feel honored and privileged to get in touch with you through this letter. I want to thank our God for transforming the life of your child through your valuable sponsorship. 

We are serving the children of a red light area which is experiencing increase in the number of orphans, extreme poverty, and unhygienic living conditions. As per government records, 40% of sex workers and their children are living with HIV/AIDS in our area. 


Our normal day starts with devotions in the project and children undergo various activities which are planned in advance based on the holistic child development model. We provide a nutritious diet to all the children in our projects. We take care of their health and hygiene as health issues are much more in this community. We are also focusing on demonstrating the love of God to the community by visiting houses every day and inquiring about them and praying for them. We also conduct regular parent meetings to understand their issues. Our child development facilitators are mentoring children and facilitating in their holistic growth. 

This year we were able to celebrate holidays with all the mothers our our children and with the community as well. It was a great time for us to share the good news of God. We could also conduct medical checkups and treatment for all the children and mothers. We have provided school supplies to all our children and distributed hygiene supplies to them. We have taken all our children to visit industrial training center in the tour where children were able to understand about different employable skills. Children have summer holidays during May and June and this was an opportunity for us to conduct Scripture classes for our children. 

Parents are realizing that children are precious and are created in the image of God. They show willingness to enroll their children in the project. The future will be bright as the children would continue to grow and work toward the development plans. 

Letters and gifts sent by the sponsors have given dignity, honor, and new hope to the children. Sponsor letters show that they are so much concerned about the day to day life of every child, their families, and surrounding community. When the children come to know from the letters that their sponsor loves them and prays for them every day, they feel loved and cared for and pray for the sponsor, too. 

We request you to pray for our ministry as we continue serving the children and their mothers in the red light area. Pray that God to touch their parents. Please pray that the mothers would be given alternative livelihood and also that they would be able to understand the importance of coming out of commercial sex. We request you to pray that this would be broken and none of the children living in this community would be engaged in the same trade. We also request you to pray for the transformation of the community.  

Once again, we are so thankful to our sponsors, which is enabling us to develop the children holistically. We assure you we pray for you and your family. May God bless you and lead you through all that you do. 

With Gratitude, 
Dr. Shweta 



  1. I love how they highlight the importance of letter writing : )

    So happy to read these letters!

    1. I've letter I've gotten like this, both pastor letters and project letters, they all talk about the importance of letter writing. I think that's great.

  2. It's so encouraging that Compassion is working in areas like these. And I also love how it was pointed out that letters bring dignity. What an encouragement to keep writing!!!

    1. I think the part about dignity is great too. Something so small can be so important in bringing dignity to a community that often doesn't have a lot of dignity.