Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brenda is Doing Well in School

On Saturday, I received a letter from Brenda. I have to admit, I was absolutely shocked. I just received a letter from her on March 10th. When it comes to Uganda, my experience is that letters only come every 4-5 months, even with the new letter writing system telling me that I'm supposed to get a letter every 2 months. Though, of course, this was a very nice surprise.

Brenda is 14 years old. This letter was written on March 4th.


Dear Kayla,

Receive my warm greetings. 

How are you and how is your life? Back to me, I am okay. Now we are receiving sunshine and rainfall. We are planting irish potatoes and harvesting maize. 

My family members are okay. They greet you in Jesus name. We pray for you, so pray for me to do well in class. In primary leaving exams I got 28 agreegates (Any idea what those are?).  I got third grade (Maybe the 3rd best score on the exam?) I am now in senior one. So pray for me to perform well in secondary school. 

I have a verse that I found and I want to share with you. It is Mark 16:15. "Go to all the world and preach the good news to all creations." It teaches me to preach the word of God. 

Thank you. May God bless you. 



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  1. That's wonderful that Brenda is doing so well in school!! And what a pleasant surprise to receive another letter from her so quickly.