Friday, April 4, 2014

Project Letter: HO-348

I received three project letters in the mail. This is the first time that I've received a letter like this and I think they were very interesting to read. The letter was written by the project director at the project my children attend. I will be posting each of these letters on my blog. As with all the letters like this, I will attach photos to this letter, just to make it more visual. The pictures themselves will not be from the actual project, however.

This letter is from project HO-348, which is where my Celeste attends.


Dear Kayla, 

It is an honor to address you, blessing your life and your family in the name of Jesus Christ. Wishing his grace shines upon you and accompany his favor always. 

My name is Fany Jackeline Murillo Contreras. I'm the project director of Hacia Una Vida Nueva Child Development Center, where your sponsored child, Celeste, attends. Our project is located in a quaint, little village called San Jose del Boqueron, a rural area on the outskirts of the city of San Pedro Sula. 

I want to thank you for sponsoring Celeste. You are a great blessing not only for her, but for the family and for this community. How wonderful it is for these children that someone they do not even know personally loves them and is interested in them! Thank you very much for all your support. 

In our project, children attend every week. This year we will have the 5th generation that will be graduated. They attend the project very excited, they like going to learn and have fun. We have a small play area, which is their favorite. 

We have extracurricular activities for each age group. We went to swim to a water park and to a zoo called San Ignacio. They had a lot of fun as ever and they appreciated the beautiful animals that God created. We also conduct workshops for them to develop their skills and abilities. 

Annually, we conduct an event called Festival of Nations where each group represents a country in the world and they present an act of praise to God. This is a tradition and both children and parents are involved in this activity. 

Our adolescents fill their "My Plan for Tomorrow" booklet. This tool is very useful because through it the youth of the project present their plans for short and long term and it helps them to be more organized. Plus, they enjoy this activity and they dream of a better future for themselves and their families. 

Due to the vulnerable area where the children live, many suffer from flooding during heavy rain and the Complementary Intervention Funds has been a blessing. With this fund we bought beds, food, blankets, etc. They have also been blessed with the Consumer Store, where we sell basic food products at a minimum price of what is in the national market. 

You are a very important person for your sponsored child as they see you as a part of their family. They get very happy when they receive a letter from their sponsor and when they do not get one, they are sad. There are some who have never received a letter and they always wonder if their sponsor has written. They are excited to write and to maintain a nice relationship with their sponsors. For them it is wonderful to read those words so full of love and friendship that encourage them to persevere in the Child Development Center. 

We ask you to please help us with your prayers for this project to move forward changing the lives of every child and youth and that God continues to bless us and to give us wisdom to lead this work which is the Lord's. 

I thank you again for your generosity and for your commitment. 

We, the Hondurans, believe and declare that Honduras is a land of blessing and we are in the hands of God. Honduras loves you, our children and youth love you, thank you very much, and may God grant the requests of your heart and may you be prosperous in everything you undertake. THANKS. 

Fany Jackeline Murillo Contreras 



  1. We haven't yet received project directors letters but I've heard that a few people have in the past week! I really enjoyed reading it!! It was neat to learn that their 5th generation is graduating and about all the activities they do with the kids.

    1. The world generation confused me a little bit, but I'm sure that they mean their 5th "class" of students is graduating. Either way, 5 graduating classes is awesome!

  2. I got 5 of these this past week and they are such an awesome look into exactly how Compassion is working in these countries! I'm so glad to be able to read yours, because they are all different from where my letters came from. I posted one today - Nicaragua.

    1. I'll have to check it out tomorrow!

  3. Several of my letters mentioned the "My Plan for Tomorrow" curriculum - neat to see it's being used in several countries.

    1. I think the "My Plan for Tomorrow" curriculum is used in every project in every country. When I went on a sponsor tour to Honduras, I was told that all children start making the plan when they are 12, which is also when they are told about the LDP. The plan is then revisited/adjusted every year until graduation, to be sure goals are being met.