Thursday, April 17, 2014

Praise Songs All Around

I received two more letters in the mail today. And to think, last week I was complaining that it had been longer than usual without any mail from my sponsored children. I'm sure singing a different tune this week.

Today, two letters arrived to me from Africa and Asia. One from my boy Abu-Bakarr and one from my precious girl, Khushi.

First up, Abu's letter. I've only ever received one letter written by Abu himself. I'm not sure why this is because that letter was written in English, so I know that Abu is able to write to me himself. But, never the less, the letters are usually written by World Vision volunteer. In fact, it's been the same woman the whole six years I've sponsored Abu. Ms. Mary Kebbie, it's always great hearing from you. Haha.

 The letter isn't dated, but I'm guessing it was written early February. Abu is 11 years old and lives in Sierra Leone.

Dear Kayla, 

Your letter dated November 11th, 2013 came in on January 22nd, 2014. 

Abu and his grandmother appreciated the car stickers and the letter too, for which they say many thanks to you and always remember you and your family in prayers. 

The season here is cold and some trees are shedding their leaves. That shows sign of the dry season. Farmers are now brushing their lands for the next season. 

For Christmas and New Year's Day, they celebrated them in a small way. Christmas fell on a Wednesday, same as New Year's Day. Children ate and danced from house to house of their friends and families. Christians went to church in the morning and late in the evening to say thanks to God. Abu's favorite song is titled, "He Called on me Today." 

Once more, Abu and grandmother say thank you and always remember you in their prayers. They wish you success through 2014. 


Next up, the letter from Khushi. Khushi is a very smart little girl. She is only 10 years old, but is already finishing up (may be done already) with 6th grade. I'm not sure if she finished grades quickly or if she skipped some, but it's not usual that you see a 10 year in 6th grade. My other Indian children are older than her and are in lower grades. Khushi has some of the neatest handwriting I've ever seen, whether she's writing in Hindi or English. It's just beautiful. Man, I love this precious girl. 

Khushi lives up in the Himalayan Mountains, so the winters are often very cold.This letter is dated February 13th. 


Dear Sponsor, 

Greetings in the name of the Lord. I want to thank you very much for sending me a beautiful card and letters with beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed so much. I am very glad hearing how you decorate your house for Christmas. I am doing very well. Everybody in my family is doing well. I am enjoying my school & project program. It rained here. We have had snowfall here. It's too much cold. (Girl, I completely understand too much cold.) But, nice sunshine today. The leaves on trees are a bit yellow and they will be turning green. We are about to enter a spring season. I like it so much.

I just learnt some new songs at the project in Hindi and English. We also decorated our project center nicely during Christmas. Here in village, farmers are plowing the fields. Next month, we will be sowing the rice fields. I am in 6th grade. My final exams are approaching very soon, so I must work hard to pass 6th grade with good marks. 

I am so happy always learning new things from you. Thank you very much for your great kindness and love. I want to close my letter now. I am also praying for you. Please keep praying for me. Thank you. 

Your Khushi



  1. I wonder if Khushi could have two bdays like my Kajal? The only reason I found out was because I inquired as to why she was going into grade 7 when she was just turning 11 years old. I asked if her age was right. I was told it was something they do in that area of India where they calculate bdays two ways. Once at a gov't office when they are about 2 based on how old they seem.... and this is the bday compassion used on file and the second time at age 5-ish when they start school. This was the bday that Kajal celebrated and the school recognized. They were over a year apart, so while Compassion has her down as a 10 almost 11 year old, the school had her down as being 12 and the grade seemed more appropriate. Kajal also lives right by, or in, the Himalayans.

    1. I didn't even think of that being a possibility, but yes, it could be like your Kajal. I'll have to ask her in my response letter. I'll be writing it in the office today.