Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eric is Right on Schedule!

I's been a bit of a slower week here, with only one post from me. I'm sorry for that, but there just hasn't been much going on here lately. I posted my first Honduras post and have the next one planned and my mailbox has been empty, until today that is!

Since I started corresponding with Eric he has always written me a letter every three months or so. I last heard from him on June 4th, and then again today. That makes it less than 3 months this time. Hooray!

Eric started out a pretty quiet, closed, shy, and not very confident guy. Over this last year and a half, he has really opened up and seems to really think he can do well in life. I am so proud to get to see his confidence rise as he learns more at his Compassion project and as he starts to believe more in himself as he's grown into adulthood.

I am so grateful for Compassion and for God for pairing me with Eric. What a special young man he is. Here is his letter:

(I've noticed that Eric writes in first person, as far as I can tell, and the translator doesn't directly translate his words, but instead changes it to third person. I find that very interesting.)


Dear Kayla, 

Eric sends his love greetings in Jesus' name. He says that he is extremely happy for you especially the support and love towards him. Eric loves you so much and says that he is so proud of you. Eric adds that you have improved his standard of living. 

He appreciates so much for the money he received equivalent to 200,400 F. Eric says he was able to buy a school uniform, shoes, a sweater, t-shirts, clothes for his young brother, and also food at home. He says thank you so much and that may God reward you for the generous heart. 

Eric says that he is reading hard inside to improve his studies. He will continue praying for you. 

Eric says that it's summer season and with a lot of wind. He asks that how is weather over there? What are you doing these days? 

Eric ends by wishing you the best in whatever you do. Thank you so much. 



  1. What a sweet letter!! Isn't it fun when the kids start to open up?? I love how he shared that he loves you and that he's proud of you. And it's so neat that he was able to buy so much with the gift money!!

    1. I love to read that he's proud of me too. I tell him all the time that I'm proud of him, so I guess the compliment has caught on. :)

  2. Kayla you have done so much good for this young man. I know he was humiliated at fist to tell you he was struggling with fourth grade work. Now he is really trying to learn to read so the words flow in his head. He wants to be able to read your letters himself whenever he wants. I loved that the T-shirt you gave him made him proud because he thought he looked smart wearing it. You have made a big difference in his life and his confidence in himself.

    1. I know! I am so proud of him! He's now in 5th grade and doing well, as far as I can tell. He still struggles with English, as he writes in his native language and has it translated. I know that most kids in Uganda are writing their letters in English. I'm going to keep encouraging him to study and maybe, before he graduates, I'll see a letter in English from him.