Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Face Joins the Family

I've taken the leap again!

The girl that I posted in my Honduras post last week has found her way into my heart. After seeing her project, meeting the staff members and children there, experiencing church there, and actually seeing little Debora with her dad during the service, I just couldn't let her join somebody else's family.

So, here she is, the newest and youngest member of my family, Debora:

I am almost positive that I saw her and her family at the church service at HO-372 while I was there. I am near 100% sure that these pictures of her. I've already written her a first email and I attached one of these photos on it, asking her if the picture showed her with her dad. If it ends up not being her, it's okay, I already love the little girl in the picture. But, if it is a picture of her with her dad, I have some extra special things to say to them in that response letter. 

What do you think? Is this the same girl? 

Anyway, here is her information that I received from Compassion: 

Name: Debora
Age: 4
Birthday: September 22nd
Reason Not Attending School: Too Young

Family Duties: Running Errands, Cleaning, Gathering Firewood
Hobbies and Sports: Group Games, Bicycling, Singing
Guardians: Father & Mother
Father's Job: Welder
Mother's Job: None 

I am beyond excited to love on this little girl and her family. They are already so special to me. 


  1. It sure looks like Debora to me!! She's an adorable little girl!!! I hope that you receive a confirmation that those are indeed photos of her. How fun to add a child at a project you were able to visit!!!

    1. Compassion does it on purpose that way, to trick you. ;) Kidding, of course. But, they do bring along packets of waiting children from the projects you visit on a sponsor tour. That way, sponsors can bring the packets home with them and while they are telling their stories of their trip, they can share the children too.