Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas Gift

On Monday, I will be headed to the post office to send Abu-Bakarr his Christmas gift.

I bought him a traditional black and white soccer ball. I also sent him an air pump so he can continue to use the ball for a long time.

I'm also going to send him a pair of tennis shoes and a long sleeved polo type shirt. I'm a little worried because I can't help thinking both the shoes and the shirt are going to be big on him. I haven't gotten a height/weight update from him since August 2010. I'm assuming that he's grown some since then but there is no way to know how much he's grown.

I'd rather the shoes and shirt be too big than too small. Either way, I told him in the letter that if they don't fit him, to give them to somebody they will fit. Then he can tell me his sizes and I can resend him shoes and some clothing.

I want to give the world to this little boy.

In other news, I signed up with Compassion International's correspondence sponsor program. Basically, in just a few short days, I will receive the information of a child that is already being sponsored in their program. However, the sponsors this child does have, does not write letters or send small gifts to them at all. It'll be my job to get to know this child, learn about them, make them feel loved. It won't cost much money to me, but I know it'll change my life. I can't wait to create a new blog for this new child.

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