Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Proudly Waving It

I received a letter today from Abu! It was regarding a letter and a package that I sent him in July. It's only been four months and I've both sent and received a letter. That's a faster turn around rate than usual. Letter day is always exciting! Here's what the letter said.

Dear Kayla,

Abu received your letter and appreciates you so much. In the parcel was a toy sample of the U.S.A flag, stickers, and a letter. He is proud of the flag because he is the only one who has it in his community. He shows it to anyone he comes across, proudly waving it. He says schools are still closed because of the heavy rains so right now, Abu is not in school. His friends join him to play with toys and the harmonica you sent him. Once more, Abu says thank you and your family and he prays that God continues to bless you and make provisions for you.

Love, Abu

I love that I can picture a young kiddo sitting around in a group with some friends playing a harmonica while they stay home from school. I also love trying to picture him running around showing off his U.S.A flag to all of the people he walks by. Makes me smile.


  1. Oh how lovely! I can imagine him proudly waving his flag! I was also glad to hear that he liked the harmonica. We just sent one along with some other gifts, to our Precious and family. I hope that the kids don't drive their parents crazy with the noise! lol

  2. I can just picture the family and friends gathering together with the harmonica! What a fun letter!