Saturday, September 10, 2011

True Excitement!

Today I was wondering around the World Vision pagge on Facebook. I saw a post by somebody that was talking about sending gifts to sponsored children. They quoted this:

"All countries accept 6x9 envelopes. Some countries accept larger envelopes and some even accept boxes. I highly recommend contacting World Vision directly at 1-800-777-5777 to talk to a Donor Services representative to find out the specific restrictions for the country that your child lives in."

I just figured I could only send a 6x9 envelope!

So...I called the phone number and talked to a very kind lady about Abu who thanked me for sponsoring him. After looking up a few things she told me that I am allowed to send Abu ANY SIZE ENVELOPE OR BOX AS LONG AS IT WEIGHS LESS THAN 65 POUNDS.

I am surprised! I am shocked! I am so happy! I can't wait to send him new and exciting things.

I'm going to send him a soccer ball. I know he loves to play but he doesn't have a ball of his own.

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