Monday, October 6, 2014

Letters from Three Young Men

This weekend, my best friend got married. I had fun doing all sorts of bridesmaids activities. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast. The only down side is that it was 16 hours total of driving there and back. I got home Sunday evening exhausted, but very happy to find three letters in the mail.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I love hearing from my expressive, young men.

First up, a letter from Florenc. He mentions not hearing from me in a long time. I admit, I haven't been writing as much as I used to lately, but I've still been writing every 6 weeks, or so. I wonder if Florenc is noticing the slight slowdown, or if my letters haven't been getting to him in awhile.

Florenc is 15 years old and lives in Albania.

My Dear Friend Kayla,

Hello my dear friend. I was so glad when one of the coordinators of World Vision came to my house to give me the kind letters of you, my friend. 

I anxiously opened your letters with all of my family members presence and you can't imagine how happy and joyful they were when they heard how you were doing while I was reading it in a loud voice. It has been awhile since I received a letter from you. 

I am so happy that you and your family are very well. I am delighted to have such a good friend as you. 

I just finished the 9th grade of school and I have enrolled myself and I am getting prepared to attend the 1st year of high school. 

I wish this letter finds you as cheerful and in good health as my family and I are. 

Your Friend, 


Next up, a long, super-chatty letter from Wendjy. I am constantly grateful that I get to connect with this young man. He's very intelligent and I think he has great potential in the future.

Wendjy is 19 years old and lives in Haiti. This letter is dated August 20th, 2014.


Dear Kayla,

I am always very happy to find the opportunity to communicate with you. How are you doing? As for me, I am doing very well, by God's grace. So are my family members. Thank you for the letter you sent to me and I feel so glad to answer your questions and share some new information with you. I hope you will be happy. I take advantage of this opportunity to thank you again and to thank you for the pictures and for sharing information with me. I inform you that I left the old project to continue my studies and to take a computer class, especially, in a technical school, but it is not in the project. I want you to know that in 2017, I will leave Compassion because I will be 22 years old at this time. I ask that you are praying for me. I feel so glad that I succeeded the exam. Now I am promoted into the last classical grade in school so that I can go to college, where I will study medicine or diplomacy. If I study medicine, I will specialize in psychology. My school has about 20 classrooms. I wear a uniform to go to school. So this year I wear long pants and long, white shirt with a tie. The school has a library. I inform you that every year I play soccer and basketball at school, but my favorite is basketball. My favorite basketball team is the San Antonio Spurs and my favorite player is Duncan. My favorite soccer team is Barcelona and my favorite player is Messi. In my schools, boys and girls are together. The children here start school at 3 or 4 and they will graduate at 18, if there is no problem. I am glad that you told me about your sister. My sister's name is Landecie. She is 35 years old and she has 2 children; one is living in USA and the other is living in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. My brother's name is Womario. He is 13 years old. I was very happy to answer your questions. I hope to answer other questions in the next letters. Your letters are really satisfying. I hope you continue to pray God to make ways for me. I will always do the same for you and your family. I hope all your activities are going well, by God's grace. 



Lastly, I got a first letter (already!) from Lazarus. It's a typical first letter, but also includes a nice message.  

Lazarus is 20 years old and lives in Kenya.


My Parents: Patrick & Rosaline

Brothers: Hillary (26), Ezekiel (24), Laban (22), Abraham (9)

Sisters: Vivian (17)

My Best Friend: Stephen (21)

I Live In: A Village

Best Game: Rugby

Best Song: What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Best Food: Chapati & Greens

Best School Subject: Biology

Best Bible Story:  The story of Moses delivering the children of Israel. 

Best Color: White

Hi! Receive much greetings from me hoping that you are fine. With me here in Kenya, I am fine. Even my family members are also fine. At home, I am going on well with my daily duties in helping my parents to look after our family cow and to clean the compound. During the evenings I usually help my younger brother in tackling hard sums. On Sundays, my family member sand I usually attend church services to praise our Almighty God. I would like to inform you that I did my Kenya certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) last year and I when the resolved were released, I managed to score a C+. Therefore, I am planning to join a college for further studies. Lastly, I request you to pray for me to succeed in life, have good health and a bright future. I also pray for you. Thank you and may God bless you. 

Yours Faithfully, 




  1. What great letters from your guys! I'm discovering I love having older kids because they write so much more and it really feels like a relationship is there!

  2. I'm so glad Florenc is enrolled in highschool! Whoo!