Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Give a Gift That Matters!

Today, I received the Compassion Christmas Gift Catalog in the mail. I always enjoy looking through the catalog and seeing all of the different things that can be given to children and families in need. Each year, I like to share some of the items with friends and family to see if they are interested in giving one of these important, often life-saving gifts. I want to share a few of these gifts with you to show you a few ways that you can make a difference in someone's life. 

I know what you may be thinking; money is short, times are tough, I can barely pay the bills. Trust me, I can completely understand. But, do you have a couple extra dollars on hand? If so, for only $4, you can cure a child of intestinal parasites that can make them ill and cause stunted growth. Just $4. The cost of a coffee drink from Starbucks. 

Maybe your limit is $20. For a couple dollars less than that, $18, you can provide a mosquito net for a child that needs one. When children sleep under a mosquito net, the chances that they will catch diseases like Malaria drop dramatically. 

Giving just a little bit more, a gift of $34 will provide a newborn care package for a new mother and her baby. This kit includes necessary items like diapers, blankets, soap, bottles, and toys. 

If you're able to provide a bigger gift, that's great! $100 will buy a bicycle for a child that needs one. Having a bicycle gives a child a quicker, safer way to travel to and from school. In many places, a child's journey to school can take hours, through dangerous areas. A bicycle shortens the trip and decreases the chance of danger. 

Lastly (and this is a big one!), you can provide a life changing operation for a child that needs one. In the past, there have been inspirational stories of children getting surgeries that they desperately needed. Without the help of Compassion and generous donors, these children would have died at a young age. To provide one of these operations, it takes a donation of $5,000. I think this would be a great project to take on with a large group of people. Maybe your workplace, your church, or even your community. $5,000 can be raised really quickly when you gets hundreds of people involved. 

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  1. I get so excited to read through the catalogue when it arrives. I love the gift options you presented here!! I might have to borrow your idea for my blog...