Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Elias's Gift Photo & Letter

Elias's financial sponsor sent Elias a financial gift. Elias's sponsor often sends him money and I am so grateful to this person. I am always grateful to the financial sponsors of my correspondent children. They send the financial support that I am not able to provide and I get to develop a relationship with these great kids. I wish that I could know the identity of these great sponsors so I can share updates and photos with them. Like always, it's always great to receive a new photo of my kiddos.

This letter is dated July 15th, 2014. It took a long time to get to me!


Dear Kayla, 

How are you? I am very fine, praise God. I am in a good level in my education and study. I learn the word of God in the Sunday School. With your support, I get an exercise book, pen, uniform, clothes, shoes, soap, and oil. I am benefited a lot. I have received your birthday gift and family gift. Thank you. I celebrated my birthday with joy. I bought clothes, shoes, and necessary things with your gift. I am happy. Money, clothes, and food materials were bought for my family and they are very thankful. I am so happy. Your picture is very beautiful. Thank you. You are so cute. Please pray for my country and family. What do you enjoy to do? Fair well. 



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  1. What a great photo!! And isn't it an extra blessing when financial sponsors give to their kids? I also wish there were some way to email them photos so they could see the impact. It seems to be a rare thing, but when it happens, it makes my day. And extra photos are the best!!!