Friday, January 23, 2015

Three More for the Record Books

I was happy to find three letters in the mailbox today, including a very first letter from Ernest. I'll share that one first. He wrote on the template for My Dental Check Up.

Ernest is 8 years old and lives in Ghana. He wrote this letter on October 10th, 2014.


My Dental Check Up

1. My last dental check up was in: March

2. For my dental check up, I went to: The Project

3. I got to my dental check up by: Walking

4. The following people went to my dental check up with me: Volunteer & Project Worker

5. At my dental check up I learned that I have to: Eat clean and warm food 

Thank you for: Words of encouragement, pictures, stickers, and sponsorship. 

Child's prayer request: Ernest says pray for him to be strong and healthy always. 

He says he is doing well. He say he lives in a small farming community and people rear animals like goats, hens, and others have dogs in their houses. He says they have mangoes, bananas, oranges, watermelons, pears, etc. he says he will tell you about his family in next letter. 


Next up, a lovely letter from Khushi. Out of all of my girls, she's definitely one of the most chatty. She always has a lot to say and I love hearing everything. She's such a sweet girl. 

Khushi is 10 years old and lives in India. Her letter is dated October 17th, 2014. 


My dear friend Kayla, 

How are you? I am doing well here. Everyone at my home is doing well. I have received so many letters from you. It is so nice to hear and learn lots of things about you. I really enjoyed your letters and beautiful pictures. Thank you so much. I am happy that you also like to hear what I write in letters to you. I do believe that God is good and he has a great plan for me. I am happy that in the project I can learn to grow in trust and faith in God these days. I am writing my half yearly exams. I am also enjoying the activities at the project. In some days, we will have a sports meet. I am excited about it. Weather is becoming cold and if it rains we will have snowfall again. I like winter. This year we are growing a garden, but this time we don't have much vegetables. I am happy that these days my father is with us at home. He will go back to his job after two weeks. My older sister Priyanka now got a five month old daughter. I love her so much. My mother was sick and was taken to a good hospital for treatment and had to be out of home for many days. I missed my mother so much, but I thank God that now she is much better and is back home. I also go for tutoring for math and English in evening time. I thank you very much for your support and prayers. I love you so much. You are a big encouragement and big blessing for me. I wish we could meet someday. 

With Love and Prayers,


Lastly, I got a letter from my little brother, Kalpesh. Ever since I first started writing to him, he's called me his big sister. I must admit, I love having a little brother. I always wanted one. 

Kalpesh is 12 years old and lives in India. He wrote this letter on October 6th, 2014. 


Hello dear sister! 

How are you doing? How is your job going on? Say hello to all of your family members and your students for me. I am very glad to get your letters with beautiful stickers and pictures of your uncle, aunt, and your cousins. I'm very glad to hear about your trip to Indiana, where you visited different shops and you spent time with your uncle's family. Thanks a lot for praying for my studies and my health. Also thank you so much about comments on the henna design. (He drew me a picture of a henna design) That henna design is worn on special occasions like marriage and festivals and other programs. Very soon, our first term exams are going to start so I am working hard. After exams we will have an inter-project sports competition and the end of this month, so we are practicing the games. After that, I have decided to visit my mom and siblings. I also like ice cream. Whenever I went to a trip outside for program with other project children and staff, our sir bought us some. Our teachers are very good and they care for us always. One again, thanks a lot for the letters. May God keep you safe. 

In Christ, Your Brother,



  1. Great letters!! Kalpesh sounds like a hard worker!! And Khushi is so cute! I love how her letter is so detailed. I also loved hearing all the fruits and Ernest grows!!

    1. I don't think those are fruits Ernest's family grows, but fruits that grow in Ghana. At least, that's how I took it. I wrote him back saying what fruits grow in the United States. Hopefully he doesn't think that I personally grow all those fruits! Haha.

      I'm glad to hear that Kalpesh will get to visit his mom and siblings. I know that he doesn't get to see them very often.