Monday, September 15, 2014

What a Monday!

Today was quite a day for me. After a week off of work, I was back with the kiddos that I nanny for. It was a great day until about 3:00 p.m, which the little guy started throwing up. Poor guy.

But, we all survived through that and when I got home, I had three letters waiting for me!

First up, a letter from Kwizera. A few of my children, in the past, have talked about me not having a husband or asking why I don't have one. While I may be considered "young" in the United States, I have to remember that in some of these developing countries, a 25 year old, unmarried woman can be considered an old-maid. I shared with these kids that I do hope to get married someday, God just hasn't shown me the right man to marry yet. Kwizera addressed that in this letter and I just love him all the much more.

Kwizera is 9 years old and lives in Rwanda. This letter was written July 29th, 2014.


Dear Kayla, 

Beloved, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the letter you sent to me. It pleased me and my family. You told me that you keep me in your prayers. May God bless you. I also keep you in my prayers. May God bless you with a born-again husband. I also request you to invite me to your wedding ceremony. I got a 78% last term and I am on vacation before 2nd term. May God bless you. Thank you so much. 



Next up, a letter from Maria. I feel like Maria is a child who is just so full of life. I know that she lives in a dangerous area and probably has more complications in her life than I can imagine, but she always seems so cheerful in her letters. I can see that she has a family who loves her very much. 

Maria is 10 years old and lives in Brazil. This letter was written August 8th, 2014. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I enjoyed very much your letter. I am okay, how are you? I enjoyed your question, if I have siblings. Yes, I have a brother called Junior who is 19. He already finished his studies and is taking some courses in college and he has a girlfriend called Gisele. I love my brother. I play with him and I watch cartoons and go out with him. On my birthday, I went to the cinema with him. I like when you send me pictures of you and your family. Be with God. Kisses. I wish you health and may God alays with you, my friend. 



Lastly, I received a letter from Sandesh. I have to admit that I'm not as happy with this letters, lately. When I first sponsored Sandesh, he was writing his own letters and was very expressive. Now, the last three letters I've received have all been written by a project worker. I still think that Sandesh is there with the writer, because there are personal details in the letters, but I think anytime you dictate something to someone, things get lost. I wonder if they are trying to save time by not having Sandesh write his own letters. I know, it's not really that big of a deal, but I always like seeing my kids' handwriting and knowing that all of the thoughts are their own. 

Sandesh is 10 years old and lives in India. This letter is dated August 4th, 2014. 


Dear Kayla, 

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. I am Priyanka, a child development facilitator writing this letter on behalf of Sandesh. How are you? And your family? Sandesh is always asking about you. He misses you a lot. He is excited about you and your letters. He likes your letters very much. In this letter, he learned very good thoughts. Jesus is an amazing God and does miracles of God and it is an important thing to pray. Prayer is a powerful thing. 

Sandesh regularly comes to our project. Because of this project, he has learned Jesus action songs and new biblical verses. He likes to learn many new biblical verses. His school is very near to his home. He likes to play cricket. He really enjoys all of the activities at the project. He has many friends, but Ritesh is his best friend in our project, nowadays. 

He asks how are you? He loves you very much and misses you. Thank you so much for your prayer and support. God bless you. 

On Behalf of Sandesh


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  1. What great letters!!!! Kwizera was so sweet!! He wants to go to your wedding!! Aww! Maria sounds like a great big sister. And that's strange about Sandesh's letters. I hope he starts writing them again.