Thursday, September 18, 2014

Five Prayer Children

Today I want to share five children that I have been praying for lately. These children are all waiting for the love and support of a sponsor. All five children attend Compassion projects that I have a child in. I can absolutely vouch for these projects and the great work that they do. I would love to see each of these children find a sponsor as soon as possible.

Galia has been sponsored!

Kenji found a sponsor! 

Selvin has been sponsored!

Henry has been sponsored! 

This young lady's name is Jenninah. She lives in a rural village in Uganda. She is 18 years old and her birthday is January 13th. She lives with her parents and five siblings. At home, it is her job to carry water, gather firewood, and working the garden. She likes to sing, tell stories, and do art. She is very involved in activities like youth group and choir. She is currently in high school. 

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  1. Isn't it so fun to find kids at projects you're familiar with?? I think it'd be fun to project a second kid at a project someday!!